Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street District
2018 Open 4 Business Application
Sponsored by Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust

We encourage you to review the online resources (contest rules, budget template, judges scoring criteria) prior to starting your application.

Applications due March 19, 8:00am. Additional materials available at:
Name of business

Business Contact (first,last name)

Title (owner, manager, etc.)

Business Address (must be within the designated Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street District)

Phone Number

Type of business (retail, service, restaurant, etc.)

Number of years in business

Hours of Operation

Please explain/describe your business. What products or services do you offer? Why are you in business?

Describe your customer

Describe your trade area. Where do your customers come from?

Will you, the owner, manage the business?

If no, what will your role be?

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

How would you use the $8,000 Open 4 Business sub-state funds if awarded? How will the funds help you achieve your goals?

How would you use the $20,000 Open 4 Business state funds if awarded? How will the funds help you achieve your goals?

What is your personal cash match in the business? What is your "skin in the game"? (Please complete budget form in download materials)

If you do not win this competition, how will you proceed?

How does/will your business benefit the local Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street District?

How are you and/or your business involved in the community?

Current number of employees

Full time?

Part time?

Will this project add additional employees?

Yes or No

If yes, how many?

Will you offer benefits?

Yes or No?

If yes, what type of benefits?

Who is your competition?

What is your competitive advantage? What sets your business apart from others in your market/trade area?

Does your business have a marketing/promotional plan? Please explain sources that you used, frequency, and expected results.

What are some potential new markets/promotions you have identified?

What is your annual budget for marketing/promotion?

Do you use social media? Please explain.

Required budget form may be sent via email to (available in download materials at

Thank you for your participation in the 2018 Open 4 Business competition. Selected applicants will be notified via email, once the application period has closed, regarding pitch times on April 4th. Please note pitches will be limited to six applicants.

-Czech Village-New Bohemia Main Street District

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