Welcome to the Czech Village - New Bohemia Stakeholder Survey
Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts on projects that would enhance the district. Input from this survey will be used to develop a budget and priority list for the new CVNB Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (SSMID).

Please note that funds will not be available until late 2016 and projects will likely not begin until 2017. While not everything can be tackled right away, your input will help plan for the future. This survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes.

Thank you for participating, your feedback is important!

For additional opportunities to provide your input, please attend the following events:
-July 12, 5:30-7:30pm Open House at Lion Bridge Brewing Company
-July 20, 5-7pm Main Street Meet & Greet at African American Museum of Iowa
Please provide your company name and/or name of contact person

How would you rate the overall business mix in Czech Village & New Bohemia?

Please provide suggestions of missing business types.

How would you rate overall business signage and storefront displays?

District events bring additional traffic to our businesses.

Please provide suggestions for complimentary events for your business.

There is a noticeable branding effort or comprehensive marketing for the District. (either physical or in the media)

Directional signage to the District is posted, in good repair, and helpful.

How would you rate the overall condition of streets and sidewalks?

How would you rate the overall appearance and condition of buildings in the District?

How would you rate overall traffic flow?

Consider vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic.
Please use this comment box to expand on any of the previous questions.

What would you like SSMID funds to be spent towards?

What item(s) do you think should be addressed first?

What items need immediate repair or maintenance?
Thank you for your input! We will send a follow up report soon.

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